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BBL-52 Minisafe

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EAN-13 Barcode: 8716683079227

Product Description / Features:
MiniSafe Lock

Keep your bike safe and your lock small

A quick drink after the ride with your friends? Make sure your bike doesn't get stolen and you can ride back home on it. The MiniSafe is so small that you can always fit it in your pocket or your saddle bag, but is just enough to make it difficult to steal your bike. Because of the numerical code there is no key needed. There is never an excuse to not use the MiniSafe.

Extra compact and lightweight bicycle lock

3-combination numerical changeable code

Tough and durable steel cable gives impressive security

Long pin code lock can also be used to secure zippers

Part Number: 2905455201
Barcode: 8716683079227
Product Code: BBL-52